Harbor House Transitional Housing for the Homeless

The Harbor Church located on 320 North Foster Street held an informational meeting at 6:00 p.m.

The meeting covered details dealing with The Harbor House Transitional Housing Facility. The Facility will provide an organized way for homeless women and children to transform their lives with help of many faith communities and organizations.

"The one thing that I see is hope,” says John Gormley, the President of Harbor House Community Development.

He added “No one has ever done anything like this.”He claims getting children off the street is a big need in Dothan. "I promise you within a mile of where we stand right now. There are enough homeless women and children to fill harbor house."

To fight against that homelessness, a structured plan is being put together to house people who need a home.

Judson Daughtry is a concerned resident who wants to help those people living on the street, that's why he came to the meeting, to lend a helping hand.

"I've seen how things are, I just can't leave the situation alone,” said Daughtry.
Daughtry knows that in order for this project to work more people will have to get involved.

"I will be passing this on to my organization, family, friends, my faith and community."

First priority will be going to children and women, the 16 unit housing complex will be located on the corner of Peetus and Hammond.

This meeting was free and open to the public.

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