Dothan Library Progress

By: Katrice Nolan Email
By: Katrice Nolan Email

Dothan has only had one library for more than 50 years.
Soon, the city will have two with the construction of a new library downtown and at Westgate Park.

It's a three year project in the making and finally the wood is being sawed, steel beams are up, bricks are being laid, and everything seems to be right on track.
Right now everyone can't contain their excitement, about the progress.

"I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this, this has been a long time coming for Dothan," Cindy Aman, Dothan Library Board, member.

"Oh it is exciting, everyday is different, certainly every week is different,” says Bettye Forbus, Director of Houston-Love Memorial Library.

Two libraries will be built in the city, one at Westgate Park, the other in downtown right next door to the current location.
And library leaders say looks can be deceiving.

"Everybody is amazed at how quickly things are coming up, and although it seems slow at first, when their doing all the stuff you can't see in the ground laying the pad, running the wiring, once, the steels started coming up, and you can actually see, things taking shape, it is amazing," says Bettye Forbus, Director of Houston-Love Memorial Library.

So, not only are things progressing at the downtown location, but if you head over to, Westgate and things are going along quite nicely as well, it's something Dothan leaders are proud of.

“Because of all the activity going on out there, people using the rec center, ballparks out there, galore, the hiking trail, the walking trail the bike trial, I think we will pick up an awful lot of traffic there," Cindy Aman, Dothan Library Board, member.

Traffic that's well worth the money and time invested from both local governing boards, private donations and a grant.

It's progress that could have been delayed by rain but is actually ahead of schedule.

"We had a lot of rain, in the last couple of months, and it put us behind a couple of weeks, but we have worked a lot of overtime, and almost every Saturday, so we've gotten back up to where we need to be and it looks like we will be able to finish up a month ahead of schedule," says Mike Lewis, owner Lewis Construction.

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