City Workers Are Keeping Troublesome Mosquitoes Away

We all have to deal with them, those annoying, pesky bugs. Yes we are talking about mosquitoes. Now the Circle City is fighting back against a potentially dangerous insect.

There's no doubt as the weather warms up you can expect a return of annoying little critters. To control their thirst for blood, environmental service workers are out on their job. James Bilbo has been working with the City of Dothan for the past 25 years and he knows how important it is to keep troublesome mosquitoes away.

"Well the main thing is to try to keep the public safe you so no one gets sick or come up I'll because people normally die from the West Nile virus if they catch it," said Bilbo.

For about 6 months a team of pest fighters roam Wiregrass streets, treating the air with a mist of pesticide spray. It works but only because of a slight switch up.

"We try to change up our mist every year or every other year so the mosquitoes don't get immune to it," said Bilbo.

Most don't realize the types of mosquitoes change annually as well, making it very critical to sometimes use even stronger spray.

Which turns out to be a hopeful situation for Southeast Alabama residents and a win for a local man who doesn't mind giving back a small token to his neighborhood.

It is important to note that spraying cannot be performed while it is raining or if winds exceed 15 mph. Officials also add mosquito control is most effective when private property owners take measures like removing standing water from around their homes and places of work.

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