ACOM Students Move Into All-New Apartments

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They're here from Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Nevada, just to name a few- and in nine days, they'll begin their first classes of medical school at the brand-new Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Incoming student Andrew Wheat explains how looking at the 'big picture' has influenced his take on medicine.

Osteopathic is more of a holistic approach, which is a whole body approach- treating the person instead of treating the disease and the symptoms," says Wheat.

But before ACOM students can begin learning how to treat patients, they have to get settled into their new home.
On-campus apartments opened up for move-in Friday and it's been a smooth transition for most.

Student Kenny Wu, who loaded up his car and drove to Dothan from Oregon, says now that the miles are behind him, the hard part of moving is over.

"This move in-day has been really easy. I just arrived here at 10:30 in the morning and got all my stuff out of my car, really easy. I've got my roommate Alex helping me out, really great."

Wu says he hopes his first year of med-school will go just as smoothly as his move. About 40 more students will fill the apartments before ACOM classes start on August 5.

The college's grand opening is Monday.