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Viral video shows man punching kangaroo to protect dog in Australia

Gunman opens fire killing three people in Finland

Sweden's biggest Christmas market brings festive cheer

Ferris wheel fire caught on video in Japan

Six Dead From Thunderstorm Asthma in Australia

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau under fire for remarks on Castro's passing

Earthquake rattles northeast Japan

Japanese luxury train could have swimming pool, sushi chef

Rocket carrying crew of 3 blasts off for Int'l Space Station

Soviet star transformed into Patrick from Spongebob

NASA astronaut on verge of becoming oldest woman in space

Chernobyl shelter begins move toward reactor

China burning garbage, converting waste for reuse

Cows stranded on patch of land after New Zealand Earthquake rescued

People in Europe get a glimpse of the supermoon

Powerful earthquake strikes in New Zealand

Horse carriage ride goes wild in Canada

FBI, NYPD assess possible al-Qaida threat on US election eve

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