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Soyuz rocket carrying crew of 3 blasts off from Baikonur

Chinese astronauts enter space station following docking

Typhoon continues to bring wind, rain to parts of China

Typhoon makes landfall in southern China

Typhoon brings wind, rain to The Philippines

China launches crewed mission to dock with space station

Japan's "Most Dangerous Slide" Set to Reopen on Friday

Unique world record involves somersaults, jet pack and water

Netherlands city council works out Pokemon Go spawning changes with game's creator

Singapore: Kitten rescue caught on camera

Belgian prosecutor: 2 police stabbed, may be terror-related

Authorities: Paris Safe Despite Kardashian Robbery

Super Typhoon Bears Down on Southern Japan

Europe's Comet Chaser Rosetta Concludes 12-Year-Mission

Japan's First Domestically Made Jet Lands in US For Test Flights

Severe Weather Cuts Power To Entire State in Australia

Scientists Bid Farewell To Comet Probe, Eye More Discoveries

British Airliner May Have World's Youngest Commercial Airline Captain!

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