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Georgia to raise fees for hunting, fishing licenses

Special Georgia House race down to 2 candidates

The latest on Atlanta's major highway crisis

Chemical spill spells more trouble for strained Atlanta roadways

Special election in parts of Georgia Tuesday

Fuel tanker overturns on I-285, causes early morning traffic nightmare

Man charged in Atlanta overpass collapse could face federal charges

3 arrested in connection with overpass collapse

'Tremendous' traffic impact expected after Atlanta bridge collapse

Georgia lawmakers reach deal on 'campus carry'

UPDATE: Governor declares state of emergency in Fulton

Georgia Senate sends medical marijuana expansion to Deal

TSA worker fired after missing loaded gun in bag at airport

UPDATE: Georgia Senate approves campus carry bill

Bird flu found in chicken flock at northwest Georgia farm

Georgia's unemployment rate decreases to 5.3 percent

WTVY's Evan Chickvara visits 6th graders at Seminole County Middle School

Police search for unhappy customer who threw food at workers at Georgia Zaxby's

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