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By: Jason Wright Email
By: Jason Wright Email

2:10- the blog is mpore than likely over for the day but I will update it when we hear from the governors office.

2:08- We can expect Gov. Bob Riley to release a statement this afternoon regarding the decision today. He and probably John Tyson will address media at some point saying that the bill dying shows that the people did not support it.

2:00- So what does this mean for Alabama and bingo right now....Well, we are back at square one. If bingo halls open, there is a huge threat of a raid unless they have a restraining order. The issue is now in the hands of the court system and ultimately the supreme court. Most places will stay closed until further notice. The only thing that did happen today was the people of Alabama have no voice in the final decision of electronic bingo.

Another bill can be brought up in the next session but as far as them year, the issue is dead.

1:45- Mike Hubbard said that this bill was bad for the state of Alabama. This bill was bad for the people and bad for the state. He said it did everything for the casino owners and nothing for the people.

1:42: Rep. Marcel Black has moved to carry over the bill. This means that he can bring it back up tomorrow but it is basically dead for this session. He says that he is very disappointed that this issue could not get to the people to vote on. He said that he knew that he didnt have 63 votes needed to pass and that he doesn't support gambling but he said that the people have and deserve the right to vote on the issue. He also says that pushing the issue back has something to do with this being an election year and that the people of Alabama will have the last word.

1:36- Most of the republicans are standing around talking and not paying one bit of attention to what Rep. Black is saying.

1:33- Marcel Black is saying that this is not a vote for or against gambling. He says that it is to allow all ow the people the right to vote bot to gamble. He is making the point that it is the people's decision. He says that they put us here and they can take us out.

He says that 16 counties have amendments that allow electronic bingo and we have a mish-mash of laws and bingo regulations and it is also untaxed and unregulated. Thats what going to happen if this bill gets voted down.

1:32- Mr. Black is saying that the bill gives the people the right to vote on the issue. He is challenging the body to give the people the right that they deserve. He says that the people puts us here and we owe them the right to vote. He says that thousands of jobs are on the line and it is up to us to give them the decision that they deserve.

Black says that this bill is good and it needs to be passed to give Alabama the right to vote.

1:30- Rep. Marcel Black has introduced the bill and is now before the chamber talking about Senate Bill 380

1:25- A rep representative has asked all member of the house to vote quickly on all constitutional amendments so that nothing will be held up today....So far in 10 minutes, then have passed roughly 10 amendments.

1:21: Rep. Jay Love is standing at the podium at the front of the House chamber waiting on the bingo issue to arise. The republicans are on their toes waiting on this.

1:19- The house members are taking care and voting on several local bills throughout the state of Alabama. This shouldn't take a very long time.

1:12- The gallery overlook the House is full! There are a ton of orange "Bingo" stickers up there as well. There are also several members of the media on hand for the huge day of debate.

1:11- We are also hearing rumors that the votes needed to pass the bingo bill are short.

1:08- Rumors around here are that they will give Marcel Black a chance to speak on the bingo bill and that he will carry it over and that it may be brought back up tomorrow. but those are just rumors.

1:07- The House has just called the roll and only 63 members are present.

12:22: I was at the VOCALS luncheon at the Embassy Suites where Attorney General Troy King addressed several hundred law enforcement officers.

Several awards were given out to different people who show support to the officers throughout the year.

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