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By: Jason Wright Email
By: Jason Wright Email

NOTE: Click Here! You can listen live to the debate on the Bingo Bill.

6:36- The bingo bill has passed out of the senate by a 21-13 vote and now goes to the senate. Watch WTVY at 10pm tonight for all the coverage. Thanks for following the blog today and have a blessed evening!

6:20- The senate has voted to adopt Senator Bedford's amended bill. The bill is now being read at length and will go to a vote after it is read...The bill will need 21 votes to pass out of the Senate.

6:11-The senators voted 21 to 13 for a cloture vote.....the pass/fail vote is about to happen

6:10- The senate is being summoned back to the floor for the vote....it is about to get CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:55- The supporters of the bill finally yielded the microphone to the opposition. Senator Sanford is blasting the supporters saying that they have no clue what they are voting for. He says that it is wrong for them supporters to hog the podium all day and not let the opposition speak. He says the government is corrupt and is not right in how they acted today.

5:48- The report from the rules committee says that debate on the bingo bill will end at 6:15 then will go to a vote for cloture.

4:33- Several members of the media are wondering why the senators are not asking for a cloture vote. The supporters of the bill have 100% control of the senate floor and if they have the votes, they should vote for the cloture vote. If they make a motion for a cloture and get 21 votes, the bill passes out of the senate.

We are wondering...."Well, maybe they don't have the number of votes"

4:03- We are being told that they will push for a quick cloture vote to be able to vote on the issue today because if they do not vote today, the supporters feel that they may lose a vote to the other side.

3:50- 21 senators voted to bring the bill up for debate. Once the bill is up for vote on passage...they will again need 21 votes to pass the bill and send it to the house.

3:40- Senator Harrie Anne Smith said that the entire first row of the gallery overlooking the senate floor was full of Country Crossing supporters.

3:33- Senator Bedford and another senator are taking jabs at the governors staff members lobbying in the senate. They are making references at back room deals and how they are snakes in the grass about how Gov. Riley and his staff are working.

3:26- Senator Bedford is taking the podium to bring up discussion on his new bingo bill. He has 20 minutes to discuss it.

His new bill is a substitute to the previous one.

The bill includes a minimum 25% tax on the gross and that number could be raised. It also allows portion of the money to be allowed back to the counties. The bill sets up a gaming commission. Elected officials cannot be on the commission nor can they accept financial contributions from gaming interests.

3:25- The senators are voting on unfinished business right now. The buzz around here is that they votes are in favor to pass the bingo bill but that will all be decided by a vote.

3:20- The senate is calling roll to be able to vote on the two bills before the senate floor.

3:13- Lt. Gov. Folsom says that he thinks both the health care and bingo bills have the number of votes to pass out of the senate and that the senate will stay in session until both bills are voted on up or down

3:11- The Gov.'s chief of staff is talking to several senators outside in an attempt to make sure that the bill gets denied.

3:02- Senator Irwin is talking about why the bill should not be up for vote because it is from the pit of hell. He says that it will ruin the state of Alabama.

3:00- A motion to put a bingo bill on the special calendar is before the senate.

2:55- Gov. Riley's chief of staff is on the Senate floor. Several senators says he only comes if something big is about to happen. I overheard him says that the stuff was going to hit the fan.

2:50- Several senators are asking members of the media about if we have heard about a bingo bill. We all just throw our hands in the air and shrug our shoulders.

2:40- The senators just voted to allow bills to be introduced throughout the day. A republican senator just made a motion to adjourn until Thursday morning and the majority voted to deny the motion.

2:24- We are now back in the building and awaiting the start of the session...Our satellite truck just pulled in just in case something big happens here today. We have heard rumors floating around that Senator Roger Bedford is going to introduce new Bingo legislation today....We will see!

1:25- The senate went into recess until 2:30.

1:10- A roll call was taken and several senators were not present and have been excused.

12:55- We have arrived in Montgomery for the Senate session for today. Senator Denton sang a song for everyone after he was inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame last weekend.

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  • by Elaine on Mar 30, 2010 at 05:25 PM
    Right on Mack! Any senator who thinks the people of Alabama don't have enough sense to vote is most definitely a senator who doesn't deserve my vote for re-election come November! And they most definitely WON'T have my vote & hopefully they won't have anyone elses vote either. This is not about whether you're for or against BINGO! This is about the rights of the people & having our voices heard. Riley should be impeached for his BLATANT ABUSE of POWER & sent to Mississippi where he belongs along with the rest of these senators & John Tyson for supporting his underhanded antics. WE THE PEOPLE, Bob Riley! WE THE PEOPLE! What part of that do you not understand?
  • by Tom Location: Dothan on Mar 30, 2010 at 05:17 PM
    Thanks Jason and Rhiana for hanging in there. Sometimes it must be as exciting as watching grass grow?
  • by JAMES Location: DOTHAN on Mar 30, 2010 at 05:06 PM
  • by Amen!!!!!!!!! on Mar 30, 2010 at 04:47 PM
    AMEN MACK! I second that motion! And a great BIG THANK YOU to Senator Roger Bedford for standing strong for the people and working so hard on this bill!!! And to all the other senators who voted in favor of the people, THANK YOU, also! May you keep your seats in the senate and continue to serve the beautiful state of Alabama's tax paying citizens! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! And may God Bless & keep you everyone! As for the ones who voted AGAINST allowing the people to vote, may you find yourselves looking for work elsewhere come November!
  • by Butch Location: Dothan on Mar 30, 2010 at 04:23 PM
    Mack, I agree 100 percent;. Every politician that has opposed bingo here should be impeached, not just voted out in the next election.After impeachment, they all should be arrested jailed and fined to pay the salaries lost by all the hard working employees just trying to make ends meet.Our infamous gov riley and his thug tyson have made this fine state the laughingstock of the USA.Tar and feather would be too good for them.
  • by mack Location: dothan on Mar 30, 2010 at 03:09 PM
    Theres NO MONEY for text books. There is no money for roads. There are no jobs being brought to our state…but THE INDIANS have a TAX FREE monopoly on BINGO. Vote out all the idiots that voted to have the indians keep all the BINGO money and have none go back to our state. Vote out of office Beason . Vote out of office Bishop . Vote out of office Brooks . Vote out of office Butler . Vote out of office DIXON (he has 2 Indian casinos in his district but retiring) . Vote out of office Erwin . Vote out of office French (biggest idiot in the senate) . Vote out of office Glover . Vote out of office Marsh . Vote out of office Orr . Vote out of office Pittman . Vote out of office Poole . Vote out of office Sanford (he will surely be out, his opponent drills him) . Vote out of office Waggoner (another hypocrite) . ALL THESE SENATORS DONT WANT US TO VOTE..GET RID OF THEM thank you Senators Holley and Smith, our great representatives here in the wiregrass
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Jun 15, 2011 at 06:19 PM in reply to mack
      People who gamble will gamble anywhere it is allowed. Why are allowing our state to loose money that is desperately needed and give it to other states. Bingo has always been allowed in our state. Why is there a problem to have it now, when we need the money desperately. Why are we against helping our state be able to give jobs to people who are in need of earning a living? Why are we against helping our states help our schools survive. Why are people against gambling. I will repeat what I said in the beginning. A gambler will gamble no matter where they are. People drive to Ga. or Fl. for the lotery. We are hurting ourselves by voting no to the right to gamble. It is not hurting anyone but the person who looses their money. It is their decision to do so. It should not be the states decision or a church's decision. Think about our economy and the people who are suffering.
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