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By: Jason Wright Email
By: Jason Wright Email

11:08- Jason and Tim Elliott will be in Shorter ALL day on Friday. Victoryland is rumored to reopen and we will be there for all of the action and to see if the task force will show up. Stay tuned and THANKS for following me on my blog! See you Friday!

Expert says the firm that tests the machines, puts a tamper tape so that if the machines are tampered with, they know about it. So the Governor saying the machines have been messed with...its impossible.

The machines outcomes can't be messed with by the house. They can put a cap or limit as to how many players can be in a game and the see how much money was taken in and dispersed out but the outcome can't be changed. There must two players but a game normally has 4-10 on average but often less than that.

Expert says the reels on the machine can be turned off, and just the bingo card displayed. You can see series of patterns through the help screen on the machine.

Each machine is numbered and when the winner is announced on the machine, that machine is in the hall somewhere.

The server is the man behind the curtain.

The difference between this and a slot...

With slot machines, you play alone, there's a different algarythm for odds and there's not a winner in each game.

He says bingo is competitive and there is always a winner...

And he says if not connected to the server, a bingo machine won't work.

It is not chance if one in every two players can win.

Expert details the six point test:
1. 5 by 5 card: it shown on the machine
2. Balls called one by one....they are displayed on the screen in a one by one order just at a fast pace
3. Daub...when the ball show on your screen, you hit the daub button stating that you have the number on your card. It requires you to daub...if not, you are passed by.
4. A player can sleep on the game.....if you don't pay attention, a "Z" will show up on your screen saying you were passed by and didn't get the bingo.
5. The announcement of the winner....is displayed on the card...card number and it flashes that you won.
6. Group activity and the first to mark your card to win....at least two people must play, and there will be a winner....always.

At the conclusion of each game, there is a winner displayed on the machine. The winner is declared by the number on the card (bingo ID card number) for that particluar game.

The games are collected by time. After two or three seconds, the machine collects the number of people playing at that time and puts them in one game.

It must be at least two people but can be up to a lot of people. And there will be a winner of each game.

The manufacters of the machines know the code. The house or owners of the casino or bingo hall, doesn't know or truly understand the code.

Expert says the law says that the ball must be announced one by one, by definition, it means to be displayed publicly.

The computer is faster than the monitor so to the naked eye, it is hard to see the one by one display

Expert says as far as the ball being announced one by one as the law states, the code in the computer has an algarythm that randomly draws 75 numbers. The machine does not draw the number, the computer system does.

Those numbers apply to all machines playing in that game... not just to one machine. The display is fast because so may games are being played at one time. All balls on the screen are drawn at random then the machine posts them one by one.

If the daub is not claimed even though your card is a winner, if you do not hit the daub, someone else in the game can win instead of you. Expert says "so it is not really a game of chance."

Expert says if only one person is playing the game, the numbers and will keep rolling and rolling and a warning, "waiting for additional players" will pop up.

The machines must have two people that play. The machines will not play if only one person is playing. If two people play, one person will win.

All machines went through similar tests and all were certified.

Each bingo card on the machines has a unique card number. No two cards can be active at the same time, no matter how many machines are in play at one time.

GLI is an independent test lab that represents gaming. It is hired as a technical arm to monitor the machines. They examine and certify the machines. They don't work for the manufacters of the machines.

They make sure the things work as they should.

Victoryland called as asked group to examine its machines to confirm that they meet the Cornerstone ruling language (the six points)

The representatives of GLI audited the floor and tested the machines.

They used several tests and say the machines passed all the tests.

1:56- John will be doing a phone interview tonight at 5 and 6 pm. We will also have some video (hopefully) tonight for the broadcast.

1:55- We are just not getting to Montgomery. Thanks in part to John's slow driving so that I could type. We will stop for lunch and be at Victoryland around 3pm to get the action started.

1:50- Gov. Bob Riley just sent a letter to the district attorney of Macon County about what is going on at Victoryland. He asked it the machines have been altered or tampered with because the machines and the facility is the target of an ongoing investigation by the state and the task force. You can read the letter attached to the story.

1:11- We are passing through Troy where they broke ground on a new arena yesterday for the basketball team. Read the story here: Troy Arena Groundbreaking

12:48- John Laberge and I are on the way to Victoryland in Shorter, Alabama to get an in-depth report of what the electronic bingo machines look like and what they really do.

We will get a glance at how they are set up and how they work compared to a slot machine.

Do they play the house? Against other machines? Whats the payout?

Hopefully several questions like that will be answered today.

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  • by bill Location: ozark on Mar 5, 2010 at 02:28 PM
    what happened to todays blog,,i read it,now its gone...is it censored???
  • by Lowell Location: Dothan on Mar 5, 2010 at 02:23 AM
    Because Jay Bea Ronnie Gilley is not going to stoop to these thugs levels.Their not worth confronting. Their inapropraite behavior deems them dangerous to or state and our society.All you riley, tyson fans better wake up.Your having your constitutional rights taken right out from under your noses.How shallow minded can you be.
  • by LAGirl on Mar 4, 2010 at 09:28 PM
    The Governor's letter states that the machines are illegal because they "accept money and dispense money" on chance. Ummmm, what exactly is Bingo if not a game of chance? Illustrate your poor intelligence there, Governor! AND why is he so ready to go and evaluate the machines now when the invitation was made over and over and over by CC? Personally, I think the fits about to his the shan.
  • by Darlene Location: Bonifay on Mar 4, 2010 at 09:17 PM
    It is great about Victoryland but such a shame about Country Crossings. Houston county sucks..........
  • by Fedup Location: dothan, al on Mar 4, 2010 at 07:06 PM
    Post the letter from the Macon County D.A. to Riley and Tyson! That's the kind of D.A. and Sheriff that should be elected.
  • by John Location: Dothan on Mar 4, 2010 at 05:05 PM
    Sounds legal to me.We just need to see if bob and john will send there thugs to victoryland and shut them down.Atleast we can say we have 2 places that john is scared to intervene on legal activities in the state of Alabama.
  • by Jay Bea Location: dothan on Mar 4, 2010 at 03:33 PM
    If Victoryland's Machines meet all the requirements of the outline (6 points) required by the supreme court as certified by the professionals from GFI ... then Country Crossing's machine would too ... the same people verified them in Dec.. So why don't Country Crossing open back up just as Victoryland is doing and let the GOV. prove that they are not Legal???
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