Youth Career Fair Gets Students Focused at an Early Age

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Dothan City Schools eighth graders are preparing for Alabama's Workforce.

Fifty students at Beverlye Middle School displayed boards highlighting different aspects of their future careers.
The exhibits were judged on several criteria.
Three students took home first place.

"I really like animals and I feel like having my own business will be a lot better than just working at a store because I can actually keep it humane," said Andrew Lucius, who wants to be a pet shop owner.

"I've always been really interested in science and any kind of lab work or experiments and I really enjoyed it," said Jaevyn Jones who wants to be a forensic scientist.

"It feels good because I put a lot of work into this in the past two weeks it was fun researching about it," said Christian Godwin who wants to be a computer hardware engineer.

Each winner will receive $100.
Organizers say the purpose of the project is to get students focusing on their careers at an early age.

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