Young Wiregrass Talents-Jacquel Watson

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Meet 17-year-old Jacquel Watson, he's been dancing since the age of 4.

"I just love doing it, it helps me express myself," said Jacquel.

His mom says it all started after watching the late great dancing machine.

"I put on a michael jackson tape and he started walking around like Michael Jackson and it went from there," explained Terria Davis.

Jacquel says when he's dancing what he feels is almost hard to explain.

"I feel like I'm walking on air, it's so amazing, my adrenaline's rushing I cant see anything when I dance because I'm just focused it's just me and the stage that I'm on."

His mom says the crowd's reaction says it all.

"They're thinking that they're seeing another michael jackson, a lot of young girls wanting his autograph and the little kids wanting him to teach them how to do the moon walk," said Davis.

Jacquel says he relies on the audience to determine if he did a good job.

"Dancing does not take what I think is good but what other people think is good so I practice on whatever can grab their eye."

Last month he auditioned for 'America's Got Talent' in Birmingham.

"It was amazing I'm still waiting for my call back sometime in March," smiled Jacquel.

And even if he doesn't get a' call back' it's something he can check off his list.

"Just me going there to audition has always been one of my life dreams and it feels pretty good to accomplish that part," added Jacquel.

And with that one accomplishment Jacquel is sure to dance his way Into many more.

Jacquel says he wants to perform at birthday parties and when he gets older open his own dance studio.

Jacquel Watson can be found on YouTube at JKIDD2014 and on Facebook.

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