You Pick Strawberry Season in Full Swing

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It's you pick them season for many area farms.

First up in the fresh produce arena is strawberries.

"I like to eat strawberries straight out of the field. Come out here and graze breakfast," Owner of Aplin Farms, John Aplin said.

"They provide good nutrition, blueberries, strawberries; raspberries are good health food for diabetics and people that need something to substitute for sweets,” Owner of Little Sweets Strawberry Farm, Charles Carroll said.

It's been a sweet season for strawberry farmers with big yields.

"A lot of it has to do with the cold, cold winter that we had. On the fruits, all of the fruits and most everything require some cold weather to make it better, for fruit bud formation. I think that's why we have bigger and more abundant fruit on the strawberries," Aplin said.

The best thing about you pick them berries, is you can pick them right off the vine and they're fresher than when you buy them at a grocery store.

"I like knowing that something just came out of the ground. If not this morning, yesterday," Customer Ken Hanson said.

"A lot of the produce we get in the grocery store has been shipped in. It may have been picked two weeks ago and refrigerated. So it's lost some of its freshness. When you come out here you're picking it straight, it's as fresh as it gets,” Aplin said.

As fresh and more supportive of local farmers.

"I've always been from Slocomb, Alabama and I've always supported Slocomb and I think people need to support where they're from," Carroll said.

"It's two miles from where I live, I know what goes into this farm because I know the farmer and everything's just right," Hanson said.

It’s the right time to go picking right now; the weather will get too hot for the strawberries by the beginning of June.

Both farms will be open this weekend and ready for business.

Little Sweets Strawberry Farm In Slocomb:
Directions: From Dothan take Highway 52 West - Go through Malvern on the right hand side, East of Slocomb on Highway 52.

Aplin Farms:
Directions: From Dothan take Highway 84 West – Take a left on South Bay Springs Road (County Road 49), continue for about 9 miles.