Worst Prank Ever?

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It may or may not be the meanest prank ever.

But the prankster is a loving husband who loves to make his wife

Jeanne Moos reports on a rude awakening.

Not to mention a snake in the toilet.

Sure, he occasionally dresses up as Elvis, but is this the face of a serial prankster? You bet. Manny Perez pulled the prank some are calling the meanest ever...

"So there's a truck getting towed and it looks like it's coming at us and my wife's asleep. So we're gonna see if we can scare her."

Don't do it, Manny! Don't do it.

"Babe, wake up there's a truck coming!"

"I'm sorry. It was funny. Bye truck. It was getting towed."

Manny's wife Sabra whacked his dashcam out of his hand. Posters who watched the video feared the worst...I smell a divorce.

(reporter: "But you guys are still happily married, right?")

"Actually yes, we are."

Others predicted bye bye sex.

"Well I did make him sleep on the couch that night cause I didn't want to reward him for bad behavior but..."

Sabra says she didn't stay mad. She knows who she married.

"They call me Manny the Maniac."

By day he's a crane inspector in North Carolina but in his spare time he's posting pranks on Manny's channel and sending videos of himself to Ellen after she dared viewers to dance behind someone's back.

"I'm sexy and I know it."

That's Manny's 5 -year old son who seems to be following in his father's footsteps if pinching dad's nipples counts as a prank. Caiden was in the back seat when dad pulled the truck trick.

"Of course this wasn't the first prank Manny has played on his wife. There was the fake mouse scare."
Manny made a mouse out of a mitten and attached fishing line to it....

"Manny that is not funny."

"and who could forget the incomparably juvenile snake in the toilet."

"My wife is terrified of snakes."

So he put a rubber one in the bowl.

The highway prank could have been worse. In the movie 'out cold' his buddies loaded a drunken Zac Galifianakas behind the wheel. Then spun the car around and woke him up...

Zac's reaction was more violent than Manny's wife swatting the camera. And to think they've only been married 6 years... Life with Manny is gonna be a scream...

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