World's Smallest St. Patrick's Day Parade

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It's the world's smallest St. Patrick’s Day Parade—where one Irish descendant makes his or her way around Enterprise for a one-block march. For 20 years, it’s lived up to its name.

“We have just picked up the torch and continued on and it has become quite the tradition,” said Kenneth Boswell, mayor of Enterprise.

The Irish, their descendants—and then some—flocked to a single street in Enterprise, where one person marches in Irish pride. This year’s Grand Marshal was Maggie Haas. Elected by her peers, she was ready to don green and pay tribute to her heritage.

“Four years ago we moved here, and I saw the parade for the first time and it was really touching because the community was all out. I’m going to be pepping up the crowd out there, excited,” Haas expressed.

Costume ideas originated from Pat Donahue. He was the Grand Marshal for 8 years.

Boswell explained, “He was a true Irishman to the bone, and he actually kept this parade for years and years and years until he passed away.”

“He would dance down. He had this little jig, jig jig, and he would sing and holler ‘Happy Saint Patrick’s Day’,” said Pat’s wife, Jean Donahue.

The parade speaks volumes for its size.

“We’ve been to an awful lot of them—six or seven years or more,” said Joe smith, an Enterprise resident.

And it gives a boost to the city's economy.

“It helps our downtown merchants in being able to create traffic. Our restaurants downtown are beneficiaries of that and all of our businesses,” said Boswell.

It just may be the luck of the Irish.

After the parade, the city treated the community to authentic Irish food and refreshments.

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