World Blood Donor Day

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Those who donate blood can relate to the benefits of giving blood.

"Our father had surgery years and years ago and there was a need for him to have blood transfusion, we had to get all of our friends and relatives and anybody else we could gather up to donate blood on his behalf, i never forgot that , never ever ever forgot that, " say Sue Zimmerman and Louise Britto.

Sue Zimmerman and Louise Britto are twins who donate blood, and know first hand how giving blood saves lives.
World Blood Donor Day is set aside to show appreciation to those taking the time to donate.

"This is just our opportunity to say thank you to everyone out there that comes to donate and to again request that we get more donors," says Beverly Holland, Regional Manager of LifeSouth.

All ages can benefit from blood donations.

"It could be a new born baby in a neo-natal center, a child that's had an accident or some other trauma, " says Susan Holmes, Chapter Executive of the Wiregrass Red Cross.

Sue Zimmerman and Louise Britto make it a point to help save three lives.

"My sister and I come every 2 weeks, every other Friday and we donate blood platelets it helps a lot of people. I'm too old to join the service so i cant contribute anything there but even though ill soon be 71 I'm not too old to donate blood".

World blood donor day is special because the people who sit in these chairs are saving lives one pint at a time

"Without that we have patients who are not going to live, to see their families grow up, to make their dreams come true," says Holland.

Dreams you can save, pint by pint.

For those who cant or may not want to donate blood, volunteering your time at a blood donor location can also make a difference.

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