Working Cows Dairy: National Dairy Month

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"It's just like a brother or a sister. Some of them are lazy, some of them are energetic,” Jonny De Jong said.

Jonny is talking about cows.

"I was pretty much born between the cows, I’ve been here since I popped out,” Jong said.

Family run, Working Cows Dairy has been around since 1990.

It's freshly squeezed in Slocomb and it's all organic milk.

"It's really just how you treat the ladies, you treat the ladies good they treat you good. So we don't keep them confined in the barn, we don't give them artificial hormones, feed them all organic grains, treat them herbally,” Jong said.

But does it make a difference in the taste?

"We choose to not homogenize it, still has the cream on the top and we do a very light pasteurization so that way you can still taste some of the true flavors and the true character of the cow’s milk,” Jong said.

The health benefits are as good as the true flavors.

"You have a lot of your essential vitamins, say for instance in grass fed milk - The concentration of omega 3's and 6's is better, you also have conjugated linoleic acid what it's responsible for is an ant carcinogen as well as helps your body utilize fats instead of store fats,” Jong said.

Cows produce about six gallons of milk per day.