Women of the Year Celebration

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March is all about honoring the achievements of women. Today a ceremony was held at Fort Rucker to celebrate their accomplishments in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Women of the Year, for 19 women, their coworkers and supervisors see them as just that.

Special Emphasis Program Committee Cynthia Lockhart said, “Each one of these women has made significant contributions to the army and the core values. There is a creed that says I am a civilian or there is a creed that says I am a soldier. And each one of those woman is honoring that particular creed.”

There were four winners of the title Thursday. But the 15 other say even a nomination was humbling.

Deputy Director of Public Works Lt. Colonel Tewanna Katrina Marks, “It wasn’t me I work with a lot of great people. They are the ones that do the work. For some reason they said ‘We are going to nominate Colonel Marks to go in for this award.”

In the 20 years since Lieutenant Colonel Marks has been serving our country, she says the number of women in her field of engineering has trickled down. “There was a time when woman were just doing different things.”

But now, times have changed.

“We’re not doing only engineering there are a lot of different things like we’ve been in Afghanistan and Iraq so they are calling on women to do more than just the normal things. We are in combat now so we are as they say the Iron Woman,” she said.

Proof that women in the Fort Rucker workforce are breaking barriers.

EEO Director Fort Rucker Timothy Knighton said, “It is so important for us to see that woman are capable just like men. And afforded the opportunity they can achieve, they can excel and do great things.”

Here is the list of all the 2013 nominees:
Professional Winner: Candice S. Vaughan
Professional Nominees:
Vicki Baxter
Melissa A. Gothard
Barbara B. Harper
CPT Marina Loshak
LTC Tewanna K. Marks
CPT Megan A. Mueller
Administrative Winner: Annette R. Styron
Administrative Nominees:
LaMoina “Faye” Brooks
Peggy L. Conteras
Charlene Franklin
Linda Rey
Tonya D. Harris
Nelda “Kay” Mackey
Darlene Pena
Technical Winner: Patsey Smith
Technical Nominee: Margaret L. Rhoades
Other Category Winner: Maryk Hawkins
Other Category Nominee: Margaret J. Johnson

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