Women Organize Rally Against Domestic Violence

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A group of about 15 women and children chanted and held signs outside the Houston County Courthouse Tuesday morning, demanding that local lawmakers move more quickly to punish domestically abusive behavior.

The rally stems from an incident that happened on June 4th, in which one woman was battered by her fiance. He was arrested on misdemeanor domestic violence charges, but was released on bond the next day.

His alleged victim, Sarah Kirkland, says he almost immediately violated his bond conditions by contacting her mother by phone.

Kirkland says her fiance, William Matthew deserves to have his bond revoked, and that she and her children will not feel safe until he is back behind bars.

A motion is on the books to have the man's bond revoked. The case will go to court on Monday, June 16th before Judge Benjamin Lewis, but Kirkland say's that is not soon enough.

She and the other women say they will continue to rally outside the courthouse until her fiance is once again in jail.

"This is why women don't speak up," says Kirkland. "Because no one does anything. It's time someone punishes these men who are hurting women especially in front of their children."

At one point, Kirkland physically chained herself to the flag pole in front of the courthouse. She was shortly asked to leave, but the women say they will not relent until changes are made.

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