Women In Blue

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"It is obviously a male dominated field so there are particulars that you have to be aware of," said Sargent Rachel David.

The ladies in blue are showing up more and more each day and they know exactly what it takes to protect and serve.

"Keep themselves in shape, be prepared to be hands on and always go out there with confidence."

"Its all in how you carry yourself. If people see that your strong, willing, determined, dependable, you got their back no matter what, you'll run into the fight just as well as any other guy with them then you'll do well," says officer Katrina Lewis.

Although law enforcement is thought to be a male dominated field, women have their own way of bringing a special touch to the force.

"Often times we see that you may have a situation where someone just needs to hear a softer kind of voice and really just needs to have some reassurance," says David.

"Not all people who get arrested are bad people, you bring that humanity and humility part to it. I tell them, you don't always have to be hard to get the job done but if you push it there i can push it there with you," says Lewis.

As for their male counterparts, Dothan's women in uniform say they make them feel one in the same.

"This really is a brotherhood and my fellow officers, i see them as brothers and they see me as a sister. So we all just get in there, we work together and we get the job done," says David.

"They make me feel welcomed, right at home, like a little big sister. Its a good atmosphere," says Lewis.

"There are so many aspects of the job that are wonderful. The opportunity to serve our community, the opportunity to be out in an exciting job and something that is just different from day to day," says David.

The job is certainly different every day.

Officers see, homicides, robberies, and deal with child endangerment cases daily, but with that kind of positive attitude, women are making great strides in law enforcement.

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