Walton County Authorities Arrest Woman for Theft of Controlled Substance

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The Walton County Sheriff's Office is praising one of its own deputies for thinking “outside the box” and finding a way to prevent one of its citizens from no longer being victimized. On July 11th, Deputy Brian Cokonougher, obtained consent from the victim to count, photograph and document her prescription medication.

The victim believed her bookkeeper, 39-year-old Amy Zagorsky, had been stealing small amounts of her medication for about a month while Zagorsky was in the home, conducting accounting services for her business.

Prior to Zagorsky arriving at the victim’s residence, Deputy Cokonougher parked his patrol vehicle away from residence and hid inside another room in the home while Zagorsky began her duties.

Zagorsky entered the restroom where the medication was located, shortly thereafter, Deputy Cokonougher entered the restroom and confirmed the medication was in fact stolen. Deputy Cokonougher confronted Zagorsky, regarding the missing medication and she admitted to stealing the medication and turned it over to “crafty” Deputy Cokonougher.

Zagorsky was arrested for theft of a controlled substance.

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