Firefighters Face Pressure as Weather Warms

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With the weather heating up so is the pressure for area firefighters.

From leaves, to tree branches, controlled burns are common in Houston County.

But you may not know by law you need a permit to do so in Houston County.

If you live within Dothan city limits it's prohibited unless you're 500 feet away from someone's property.

Low humidity and high winds can cause controlled burns to spread quickly.

"If you have leaves or limbs have bare ground because soil will not burn so that helps contain your fire. Also have equipment on hand, a rake, a water hose if you're burning close to your house and have access to water please do that," Alabama Forestry Commission, Work Unit Manager Jerry Smith said.

If you have any questions about controlled burns in Dothan city limits you can call the Dothan Fire Marshal's office at 615-3500.

If you'd like to apply for a free controlled burn permit in Houston County call 1-800-922-7688.