With New Semester Beginning, Troy Students Also Learn Parking Rules

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As of Wednesday, January 9, 2013, classes have officially begun at the Troy University campuses of Dothan and Troy.

As students prepare for their first few days of classes, they also are learning the parking rules and layouts of the university.

All Troy University students must purchase a parking decal for their vehicle as part of their academic registration.

A decal is valid across all of the Troy University campuses, but it is highly recommended by the Troy University Police that you register your information with all other campuses you are going to aside from the one you purchased your decal from.

These decals must be mounted on the outside of the car’s rear glass, behind the driver in the lower left hand corner.

Parking is split into zones on the Troy campus. These zones are indicated by color and type (for example: black for “Commuter-Upperclassman,” grey for “faculty-staff,” etc.) and a student must park in their colored zone and not in any others.

These decals are $50 for the first, and $15 for each additional decal, and payable only by cash and check. The only exception is if a student or faculty/staff member has a registered Troy University license plate, in which case, the fee is waived.

There are also many parking regulations that students should be aware of. Drivers on campus cannot back into or pull through a parking spot, for example. Also, if one is handicapped, they can only park in a handicap space if they have confirmed the handicap credentials with the University Police office.

Each student and/or employee is given a traffic brochure with a map of campus and a complete rundown of all the parking rules and regulations when they purchase a decal.

For more information, a link below is provided to a parking regulations that encompass both Troy and Dothan campuses.

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