Wiregrass Spay Neuter Alliance Celebrates 4 Years

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DOTHAN, AL---As Turtle the cat and her other feline friends wait in the recovery area, her owner Nelson waits in the lobby to pick her up.

"Four months ago I had one cat but now I have four," said Nelson Arellano.

Nelson says Turtle had a litter of three a few months ago and he wants to prevent that from happening again.

"We need to control the population of animals it's so many animals out there."

Nelson says he drove from enterprise to dothan because it was a price he couldn't beat.

"People want $90, $100 just to do what they do in here for the price they charge me, twice as much."

"People just can not believe that our prices are between $40 and $70 depending on sex and species," said WSNA Executive Director Nikki Wyatt.

The prices at the Wiregrass Spay Neuter Alliance don't just attract residents in the Wiregrass.

"We've had people come from pensacola before and bring in their pets," said Wyatt.

Monday marked the clinic's four year anniversary and within that time frame doctors have helped thousands.

"We have completed over 25,000 surgeries."

Officials say the clinic hopes to be around for years to come, controlling the pet population, one spay and neuter at a time.

If you have a cat or dog you'd liked to get spayed or neutered you can call the Wiregrass spay and neuter alliance at 334-671-8111 for pricing and appointments.

And a quick note to pass along, before you give a pet away make sure it's going to a good home.

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