Wiregrass Salvation Army Celebrates Salvation Army Week

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"A heart to God, hand to man is what we do a lot,” Salvation Army Capt. Thomas Broome said.

Giving back to others means something special to those involved in the Salvation Army.

"Part of our job as Christians is to help those in need. Jesus Christ did that, so of course that's why we focus and look at those things when it comes to giving back," Broome said.

Broome wants the community to know more about the organization.

"A lot of people know us for the bells at Christmas time and the Angel Tree, but the Salvation Army is much more than that. We help people throughout the year. We just don't do it at Christmas time. Of course that's when you see us the most because we're out everywhere,” Broome said.

But their presence is felt by those who need it, during other times of the year.

"Utilities, food, housing, the Salvation Army does a lot and this week is to show everybody what we do," Broome said.

There are a lot of things they do - From combating human trafficking, to veteran’s services, adult rehabilitation and disaster relief.

Broome is a fourth generation Salvationist.

He says as time goes on, so does the need.

"Just from year to year - Last year compared to this year, we've seen anywhere from 20% more need just this year. It's amazing to me how bad things have gotten just in the past couple of years with the economy of the United States," Broome said.

Although times are hard, the Salvation Army endures and opens their arms.

"We help anybody, race, creed, sexual orientation. We just want you to come in, if you need the help we're there for you," Broome said.

The Wiregrass Salvation Army is always accepting donations.

They need canned food year-round.

You can drop off goods anytime at their office on Bell St. in Dothan.