Wiregrass Residents Giving Back

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We've all heard the saying it's better to give than to receive.
And for many residents, that’s exactly what they were thinking as they volunteered their time in the community.

“We just kind of fell in love with this place and knew this is what we wanted to do. “ Regions Bank Manager Christy Hall said.

Regions bank manager Christy hall said it didn’t take her long to find an organization she wanted to help.

“When we heard about the spirit of service we wanted to find a way to connect and do physical labor in the community.” Hall said.

She and nine others grabbed paint brushes and started fixing up rooms in the wiregrass children’s home.

“It’s really the least we can do. This home is so important to this area and painting a room, its nothing taking a couple hours on a Saturday, it’s the least we can do to give back.” Hall said.

Giving back, a similar message other volunteers had as well.

“It’s really great we've been at prolonged war for a long time now, and had great support from community’s especially military towns so being able to come out and give back to the people.” Army Sergeant Joe Shamp said.

Shamp and more than a dozen other soldiers worked to replace someone roof.
A physical gesture that meant a lot to the owner

“It’s so great for Ms Mary to see all of these people and give up their time and their Saturday, to help put shingles on her roof and help her dream of a home become a reality a lot quicker.” Executive Director for Habitat For Humanity Amy Schutz said.

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