Wiregrass Progressives Rally Downtown

One group is pushing for an end to unlimited corporate spending in elections.

The Progressives of the Wiregrass rallied Saturday in front of the federal courthouse in Dothan.

The group believes corporations should not be treated as people and should be limited to how much influence they have in politics.

"In 2010 they ruled corporations have the same rights as living, breathing human beings and we believe that is not the case. We want the legislature to be able to regulate the corporate spending so they can't influence the elections anymore than the average person would be able to," said Brandon Richards, President of the Progressives of the Wiregrass.

Activists in over 70 cities in the country are urging lawmakers to pass measures that do this.

So far 11 states and more than 100 members of congress have expressed support for an amendment to Citizens United v. Federal Election.

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