Wiregrass Pastors React to the Ongoing Riots in Missouri

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The weekend shooting death of a black teen in Missouri has caused a lot of controversy and tension. Investigators are still looking at the cause.

Investigators are still looking into the cause behind the fatal police shooting of unarmed eighteen year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson. President Obama interrupted his vacation to address the tension in suburban St. Louis. The remarks follow a fourth night of violence and unrest. Police fired tear gas and smoke bombs at protesters in Ferguson, after the crowd threw firebombs. Today was supposed to be the first day of school in area, but because of the violence, classes have been postponed until Monday.

"We have to have peace in a time like this even when people mistreat us," said Ray Malone, the senior pastor at Greater Beulah Baptist Church.

"But let's not be a part of the problem, let's be a part of the solution, this is a problem and it's something we need to look for solutions and answers too," said Jevon Goode, the senior pastor of Destiny Church.

The name of the police officer who shot Brown is still unknown. That is one of the main details that is feeding the frustration of protesters.