Wiregrass Medical Center Geneva

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GENEVA, AL - The future of Wiregrass Medical Center in Geneva was discussed during a county commission workshop session.

There is a drop in the number of in-patients and monthly deficits.

Geneva County Probate Judge Fred Hamic is concerned about the hospital's future.

Last September alone, Hamic says the facility reported a $250,000 loss.

"I don't claim to be a hospital expert, but I did run businesses," Judge Hamic said. "It doesn't take much thought to realize if you have only five inpatients and a staff of 300, you won't be around very long."

It's approximately 30 miles to the nearest hospital. This has elderly residents concerned.

"With medical tests often done on my daughter, it takes a lot if we had to go out of town, not to mention the gas prices," said Annie Dady.

"A lot of elderly don't drive, and I don't know what would happen if they had to go to the hospital in an emergency," said Libby Elliott.

In a prepared statement, hospital CEO Charlie Faulkner says there are uncertainties concerning Obamacare and the state's Medicaid challenges, but Faulkner adds Wiregrass Medical Center is in better financial shape than most Alabama hospitals.

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