Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity Restore Opens New Location

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DOTHAN, AL--Samuel Lee traveled from Early County, Georgia in hopes of getting a good deal on his next "do it yourself project."

"When I'm doing renovation projects i usually stop by this store," said Lee.

The new location took Lee by surprise but that didn't stop him from finding it.

"I went over to the store on the other side and i got the address and came over here."

Organizers hope this new location will make the group more visible to the community.

"We hope to get bigger and better donations to continue to fund our mission to eliminate sub standard housing in the wiregrass area," said WHFH Executive Director Amy Schutz.

Those donations make it possible for people like lee to shop here.
The way the system works is simple.
You bring in your used or left over housing materials or furniture and those items are put in the restore for sale.

"Everything that we have is given to us so in order to get the funds in to help us continue our mission that's the big part of it, we have to have donations in order to make some money and help us build houses," explained Schutz.

Lee says places like this are his first stop.

"I have had good luck coming here a lot of times."

Lee says it feels good to get a bargain all while helping make a difference in the community.

Habitat for Humanity also uses some of the items in the Restore for the homes they build.

If anyone has any items they'd like to donate you can call the store (334-792-8453) and set a pick-up date and time or you can just drop them off at the Restore.

The store takes donations Monday through Saturday.

The Restore is open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays.

It's located at 2043 Montgomery Highway.

To learn more about Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity click the "4 More Info" tab.

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