Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity Builds 119th Home

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Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity hammered away on Saturday, raising the walls on their 119th home. Soon-to-be new homeowner, Mary Parsons, watched in awe.

She said, "Most people tell me it would never happen, but God turns everything around."

Parsons has been on the Habitat Home list since 2010 and contributed more than 500 hours of community service.

"I was in total shock because I didn't think it would be my turn right now. I know you're supposed to believe you’re prayers, and I do, but I was in total shock,” Parsons expressed.

Volunteers went through many applications and said Parsons more than deserved this new home.

"She worked very hard to get all of her sweat equity hours in and get her down payment in so that we could get her in a safe and affordable house,” explained Amy Schutz, Executive Director of Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity.

Several churches teamed with Wiregrass Habitat to make this possible. They also have many corporate sponsors, like Lowe’s. The heavy rain six weeks ago may have given them a rocky start, but volunteers aren't slowing down.

Schutz stated, "We anticipate doing at least three, if not four, homes this year in the Wiregrass area.”

It's a lot of hard work and time consuming, but seeing excitement bounce off prospective residents makes it worthwhile.

"To be able to watch their faces when the walls are going up as they're seeing what’s going to be their forever home, it’s touching,” said Schutz.

"I think my life is going to be better,” gushed Parsons.

Volunteers expect to finish work by the end of June, so Parsons can enjoy her new home just in time for her birthday.

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