Wiregrass Girls Rock Sends Important Message

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(Dothan, AL)—Although the subject of sexually transmitted diseases can be a taboo subject, it’s something speakers with Wiregrass Girls Rock, were ready to talk about.

A panel with BET. (Black Entertainment Television) spoke with hundreds of girls at Dothan High School Tuesday night to educate them about HIV/AIDS prevention.

“Many people see vibrant women walking around with HIV, but it’s a very serious disease,” an HIV positive speaker said. “I tell people I suffer from minor illnesses because they haven’t killed me yet,” she said.

Key speakers included celebrities like Sammy and Jessica Reedy, both of which were ready to spread a positive message to young girls.

“Don’t post pictures that put you in a bad light, save that stuff for your husband one day,” Singer Sammy said. “If you put yourself out in a negative way, then you’ll only attract men who don’t respect you,” he said.

Doctors also discussed the symptoms of HIV/AIDS and how the virus works, stressing the importance of knowing HIV status.

“If you leave HIV untreated, t-cells attack your immune system and when those cells invade and multiply, the virus then turns into AIDS,” Doctor Shonda Graves said.

The conference also provided free health screenings and resources for those who are infected.

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