Wiregrass Food Bank Needs Your help in "Feinstein Challenge"

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DOTHAN, AL--The shelves are stocked at the food bank but organizers say now is a good time to donate.

"The more food and funds that we raise ourselves the more matching funds that we get," said Wiregrass Food Bank Developmental Director, Julie Gonzalez.

The funds come from the Feinstein Challenge, created by Alan Shaw Feinstein.

"He decided that instead of just making donations to food banks to help fight hunger in the U.S. that we would issue a challenge that would encourage us to work harder ourselves to earn the money. "

He gives away a total of one million dollars each year.
The food banks get their share based on the donations they collect.

"It's not matched dollar for dollar, said Gonzalez, but it does increase our chances of earning more money."

Organizers say although the shelves are full, the donations from the challenge will help during the summer.

"The kids are out of school, the schools are not doing food drives, business and everybody's taking a vacation so those folks are really not doing food drives for us, explained Gonzalez, so we need a little extra umph to help us get through those summer months."

Food bank organizers say the challenge is an exciting time of the year.

"You never know how much it's going to be until the end," said Shirley Henderson.

Last year the food bank got $1,800 from the challenge and with your help this year they can get even more.

You can either drop off, mail-in or go online to make your donation at www.wiregrassfoodbank.com.

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