Wiregrass Cotton Expo Attracts Many Local Farmers

We've got an inside look at another day in the life, the morning show’s Paul Stockman spent the day as a farmer.
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Local farmers strolled among vendors Friday learning new information about the upcoming Cotton season. The Wiregrass Cotton Expo held at the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds brushed farmers up on everything from crop budgets to weather forecasting.
Farmers also listened in on farm bill updates. This year's expo attracted a little over 200 farmers

"From what I gathered it's a very positive thing. It's certainly a radical change from some previous Farm Bill's that we've had out there and we think that it would be more of a support, price support, insurance type support programs where growers would have to be partial funders of," said William Birdsong, the Extension Agronomist at Auburn University.

The Alabama Cooperative Extension sponsored the event. Door prizes were also given away.

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