Wiregrass Area United Way Food Bank Empty Bowls Event

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The community had a chance to buy homemade and donated pottery bowls for $10 at the center today.

Every bowl that was purchased, came with soup and bread.

The purpose: to remind everyone of those who only have limited food on an everyday basis.

There was also a silent auction...With bowl's signed by Gus Malzahn and Nick Saban.

"This event touches people on so many different levels because people sign up to actually make the bowls and then we get to educate them about the food bank and what the food bank does and then they actually come out to buy the bowls and participate in the fundraiser and we get that opportunity to educate them as well, " says Julie Gonzalez, Development Director at the Wiregrass food bank.

All proceeds will benefit the Wiregrass Area United Way Food Bank.

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