Wiregrass Area Schools Consider Drug Testing Students

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Educators want students to realize how important it is to stay away from drugs at a young age.And they are considering taking it one step further.

Administrators and substance abuse specialists are supporting the idea of high school random drug tests.

"We need to hold people accountable, if we are going to make sure that we do not have a problem with drugs," said Assistant Superintendent of Dale County, Lamar Brooks.

But Brooks doesn't think testing is the only answer.

"I think the emphasis needs to be placed on the education , education of our students, education of our parents, education of our employees to know the effects of what drugs can have on you and to be able to identify the signs of students that are on drugs, " said Brooks.

Schools in the area are using Red Ribbon Week to educate their students about drug abuse. But some substance prevention programs think drug testing should be in every school.

"Drug testing high school students is a great idea and the reason is if a child knows that you are going to be watching them and making sure they are going to be behaving properly, they are going to take you more seriously and really consider if they are going to use drugs or alcohol, " said Program Manager of The Prevention Project, Beth Ford.

Drug use at such a young age could have lasting effects.

"Statistics show that children that start using before the age of 15 are four times more likely to be an addict as an adult," said Ford.

As Dale County schools consider student drug testing, Ford hopes the idea was closer to home.

She wishes the the Houston County school system will adopt this program.

Brooks is only considering drug testing high school students.

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