Wilcox Co. High School Students Have First Integrated Prom

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Students at a rural Georgia high school made history over the weekend by holding their first integrated prom.

It's prom night. Gowns, tuxedos and lots of pictures.

"Beautiful people."

Beautiful people of all colors who, for the first time, will celebrate prom together. After a short trip to neighboring Crisp County, a dream is now a reality.

"We're actually here. Today is the day. We're at prom!"

For organizer Mareshia Rucker, words cannot describe.


An integrated prom makes way for interracial couples.

Reporter: "Did you go to prom last year?"
"No, I didn't."
Reporter: "Why not?"
"They had it segregated."
"I didn't go because I didn't agree with us being separated."

For senior Ana Goni, this was her last chance to attend prom with her boyfriend.

"It means everything, I'm just totally excited about this whole thing."

More than 100 students attended the prom. Assistant Principal Kenneth Daniels and school board member Raymond Johnson were the only members from the school system present.

"It let you know that the kids that are coming up now, that they're into this world," Johnson said. "They no longer want to do what they used to do and what their parents used to do."

Breaking tradition through music and dance. A masquerade theme-- behind a mask, race is hidden.

Two deejays volunteered their services as this one night didn't matter.

"Man, I'm having a great time now," said Kameon Peavy. "The music's live, everybody's in there dancing. It's a great atmosphere in there."

"Man, it's awesome. Wooh! Best prom ever."

"Yes, this will truly be my prom to remember. I'm so glad that I didn't go to one until now."

Prom has ended and Wilcox goes back to life as they know it. Hopefully, the night a town stepped out of the shadows of its past will carry on into tomorrow.

Currently, proms are sponsored by parents, not the school. The organizers set up a Facebook group to raise money. People around the country donated enough for a ballroom, food and gift bags for every couple.

Wilcox County school leaders are discussing sponsoring one prom for all students, beginning next year.

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