Wii U Launches November 18: Wii/Wii U Compatibility

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Originally Published/Aired: November 12, 2012:

The eighth generation of gaming kicks off this weekend with the November 18th launch of the Nintendo Wii U video game console.

The Wii U system is not an add-on to the Wii, it is an independent system. (Much like the X-Box 360 is not an add-on to the original X-Box, but a separate unit.) This means that games for the Wii U will not be playable on the current Wii console.

However, the reverse is possible. The Wii U will play all current Wii games in a separate “Wii Mode” built into the new console.

You'll be able transfer any downloaded games from the Wii’s online shops to the Wii u as well through a transfer process.

Finally, the majority of the Wii accessories such as the Wii Remote, the Balance Board and the Nunchuck, will work on the Wii u as well. In fact, as the system will only work with one of its unique touchscreen gamepads at this time (which will not be sold separately at the Wii U’s North American launch). Other players must use the classic Wii accessories to play along.

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