Whose Road Is It?

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MIDLAND CITY, AL-- People in Midland City have been fighting for years to have a road’s drainage issue fixed.

Theresa Smith has called Midland Michigan Avenue home for more than 30 years. But lately it’s been anything but “home sweet home.”

Theresa Smith said, “I am right on the edge of a pecan orchard. And the waste on heavy days of raining and all, we have S-F water draining down the front of our yards and everything. And we residents being right next to the pasture, we get the bulk of the cow manure.”

This problem hasn’t been around forever, there was a ditch to stop the flooding, but that was eventually covered by the property owner.

District 3 Councilman George Williams said, “This has been for years, but now this is a health issue.”

Property owners have been bringing this to the mayor for years and they are hoping to finally see some change.

Theresa Smith said, “I’m not seeing non of the money being spent in my neighborhood and we definitely have a major problem.”

But Smith and other concerned residents have been complaining to the wrong people.

Midland City Mayor Virgil Skipper said, “That road belongs to the county. That is not a city road.”

Dale County leaders did in fact confirm the street is owned by the county, confusing for property owners since they are less than a mile from City Hall. So now Smith will have to take a different road to see change. And that road leads to the county commission.

The next step for the home owners on Midland Michigan Avenue is to contact the Dale County Road department, to see what they can do to fix the drainage issue.

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