What it Takes to Keep Rip Hewes Stadium's Friday Night Lights Going

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Have you ever wondered how they keep the Friday night lights going at Rip Hewes Stadium?

It takes a full team to keep the stadium operating, besides the two that play on the field.

"We have a city staff that keeps all the grounds of these facilities up. They paint the field, they cut it, they fertilize it they aerate it. They do all of the maintenance work that it requires," Department of Leisure Services’ Asst. Director, Larry Patrick said.

This team is made up of the City of Dothan's employees with the Department of Leisure Services.

"It's a plus. We have a great relationship with the city. They are definitely about our kids and wanting our kids to have somewhere nice to play," Dothan High’s Athletic Director Kelvis White said.

You may be surprised; this stadium couldn't continue operating without tax payer's money.

The city pays for electricity, field up-keep and the force it takes to keep the stadium going.

"When our city schools participate in a football game, our city schools get the entire gate. They get all of the admissions money, of the hosting school and their band boosters get all of the concessions money," Patrick said.

"It's expensive to run an athletic program and you want your kids to have the best equipment for safety reasons, you have to travel - all of our games are not at home. So we use that money for those expenses," White said.

Patrick says the city's support of the two Dothan high schools has a history.

"It's important obviously for the good of our community, for the good of our two high schools. It's something that has had tradition here for a long time and I feel certain will continue," Patrick said.

Dothan High School's Athletic Department is sure it will continue.

White says they're thankful for such an accommodating facility nearby.

"Last week playing North view, it was a good crowd. The field looked great, the stadium looked great and everybody was happy of course. To have that big of a stadium that can house so many people here in Dothan is just an added luxury," White said.