Next Steps for District Two Election Challenge

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On Monday, former District 2 Commissioner Candidate, Lamesa Danzey, electronically filed to challenge the Aug. 2013 election results.

WTVY looked into the election challenging process by going through Alabama’s Election Code. According to the code, filing is just the first step in the challenge.

The challenge, or the statement of contest, is against incumbent Amos Newsome since he won the election. Earlier today, WTVY tried to talk to Newsome about the challenge, but he did not have anything to say.

The County Sheriff has to serve Newsome with a summons. From that point, the Commissioner has five days to respond.

Both sides can call witnesses or even testify themselves. Either the probate judge or the circuit court will review the case, no jury is involved.

Whoever looks at the challenge can review ballots and ultimately make a decision.

If the evidence shows there was illegal counting or voting, the judge can adjust the results. Whoever has the most number of legal votes, based on the judge’s decision, wins the election.

If either party is not happy with the result, there is a 14 day timeframe to appeal to the State Supreme Court.

WTVY has placed multiple calls to Lamesa Danzey throughout the day. However, she has not yet returned any of our calls.

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