What is Manufacturing?

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Some of you might be wondering what all this talk about manufacturing is really about.

America is what you call a "consumer society".

That means buying and selling goods and services are vital both socially and economically.

Manufacturing is an industry that mass produces items like textiles, clothing or high-tech products.

The U.S. China Manufacturing Symposium has several goals.

One is to spark job creation from these mass-production companies.

"This isn't just about Dothan this is about our region as well. The goal is job creation and we hope that's what comes. There's no guarantees that it will, but since everybody will be here it gives Dothan and the wiregrass a great opportunity,” Ken Tuck with the SoZo Group said.

Tuck says there are many types of manufacturing represented at the symposium, everything from gloves to boots and 3D printers.

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