What You Should Know Before Agreeing to Get Your Trees Trimmed

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Trimco tree expert Jason Braswell knows the ins- and outs of his business.

"On a regular basis, customers call us if they have nuisance trees or just want to open up their yard. Basically we come in remove the trees or trim them up.” Trimco Tree Owner Jason Braswell said.

But in order to do the job, Braswell knows you need the right paperwork

“You have to be licensed in the city of Dothan and a lot of other cities in the wiregrass. And then anytime we come onto a yard we have a permit to be permitted to this job.” Braswell said.

A process Braswell follows.
But permit experts say they're seeing more people trying to get around it.

“And we've had issues over the years with tree companies how are not licensed and don’t have permits that are going door to door soliciting without having proper paperwork.” Dothan City Revenue Officer Gary Shirah said.

Shirah says most credible tree companies won't go door-to-door, but if they do, they have to carry a solicitation permit as well.

“Right now we have no solicitors permits issued to any tree cutters to note that sort of activity.” Shirah said.

This means if someone does come up to your home, you should be cautious.

“If they come to their door knock on their door and give them a business card, call your local municipality and ask them questions like are these people licensed in your town or city.” Braswell said.

Braswell says not only can these unlicensed trimmers ruin your trees, they take business away from the guys who are following the rules.

“It’s very aggravating, we're competing, we have a lot of overhead a lot of guys working, a lot of calls we've consumed and were still competing with what we call "weekend warriors" and dumping debris on the side of the road and leaving it at the customers house which is actually illegal.” Braswell said.

And if these unlicensed trimmers do leave scraps at the end of your driveway, it would be up to you to have them removed.
So to be on the safe side, if you want something trimmed, call a company yourself, and don’t wait for them to come to you.

If a company is caught without a license or going door to door, they can be fined up to 250 dollars.

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