What Wiregrass Trend Could Be Dangerous?

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Officers say if you want to personalize a piece of clothing or something anyone can see, you may want to think twice before monogramming your whole name.

“I think its great for gift giving and wedding presents and you could do towels, sheets.” Wiregrass resident Golde Bippes said.

She knows monogramming is big in the wiregrass.
“I’m still an old fashion girl i like the doilies, so I like to have them embroidered or monogrammed.”

But one thing she doesn't agree with is monogramming something that others you don't know can see.

“I don’t believe of putting it on a backpack and that kind of things, initials are good enough.” Bippes said.

And officers agree.

"Anything that identifies you for something you have on you become subject to someone coming up to you as a stranger and using that as a way to communicate with you." Dothan Police Corporal Maurice Eggleston said.

“I agree with that, especially children because people take advantage of children so easily.” Bippes said.

Eggleston says if a child has their name monogrammed on their shirt and is walking around in public, this scenario could turn dangerous very quickly.

“A guy can come and say I know you as john and hey im uncle bobby. A child won’t know but of course with his name being on his shirt or a name tag.” Eggleston said.

That's why Eggleston says you should always question those who approach you.

“How do you know me? I don’t remember you, I don’t mean to be disrespectful or anything like that, but how do we know each other? And a lot of times that will help deter that person.” Eggleston said.

Or if you want to avoid that situation altogether, stay away from monogramming, or stick to initials instead of a full name.

Eggleston says this doesn't only apply to clothing, but to jewelry as well.

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