What Is Next for Commissioner Elect Kevin Dorsey

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Dorsey says he is still very excited and over whelmed by the results but he knows once he takes office, it will be time to get down to work.

"I'm glad he got it, " says one Dothan resident, excited about Dorsey's newly elected District 1 Commissioner position.

"My brother kept telling me that you got it, you got it and a lot of my friends, my mentor they told me that i had it and then right at the end I had a calm that came over me that said don't worry, it's yours, " says Commissioner elect Kevin Dorsey.

And now that the seat is his, Dorsey plans to take some family time before he is sworn in.

"Spend some time with my kids. During the race, there was a lot i had to do. We going to take us a vacation, we going to do some things, go eat some ice cream," says Dorsey.

But once he's in office, Dorsey says with great power, comes great responsibility.

"The plan is work. W-o-r, capital k, it's work. Basically some forums with the community, giving them the chance to come out and address some different issues and concerns that they have and just to be visible, to be very visible within the district".

And so far some in the district have seen a change they like.

"I'm very excited. We need change in this community and it's about time that somebody bought it, " says a local resident.

Dorsey will be sworn in on September 30th.

Current Commissioner James Reading declined to make a comment.

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