Webb Residents get Early Morning Scare

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A weather siren got several residents out of bed early Wednesday morning.

"I thought that there was a weather warning," said Webb Resident Sue Jones.

A weather warning because around 2:30 a.m. the siren sounded off.

"It went on and on and on," Jones said.

Houston County EMA officials say it went "on and on" because they couldn't turn it off from the main control system due to an on-site malfunction.

"I spoke with a deputy that was on scene and told them to basically get a ladder and open up the box where the batteries are and just disconnect it," said EMA Director Steve Carlise.

And that shut the siren off.
Officials say the sirens are tested silently once a week and through audio once a month.

"We send a command from the console it queries the siren from the radio system and the siren will respond and give us a list of different perimeters in the siren and it'll show if they're in good condition or need to be worked on," said Houston Co. EMA Communications and Planning Officer Charles Finney.

The sirens are tested every Monday.
They say the siren in Webb tested fine but things can still go wrong before the next testing day.

"Water gets inside that box sometimes, it happens they get old and the seals dry and get old and moisture gets up in there and can cause the circuitry board to go bad," Carlise said.

Repair crews were called out early Wednesday morning.

Repair crews say the key-pad at the bottom of the siren malfunctioned.

They say it's fixed and should be working fine now.

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