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We are experiencing beach weather, and as many make their way to Florida to get away, law enforcement agencies in our area are urging drivers to be extra cautious when sharing the road.

As the temperatures in our area continue to rise, more and more people are headed to the gulf coast, especially motorcyclists.

"This time of the year, there is going to be a lot of motorcycles out, a lot of areas, where they have the get togethers, Daytona,, Panama City, the motorcycle rides and stuff, so there will be a lot of the," says Cpt. Antonio Gonzalez

Bike rider, and salesman, Mike Lopez, says distracted driving can easily cause motorcycle-involved accidents.

"See a lot of drivers that are either aren't paying attention, they're texting, talking on the phone, and you see a lot of issues with safety," says Motorcyclist Mike Lopez.

And with those safety issues Dothan has already seen two motorcycle fatalities this year.
Last year there were only three serious injuries.
According to law enforcement it's a city issue, because drivers just aren't focused.

"They need to look around, and be more aware when they go to do lane changes, and check both mirrors, when they come to an intersection, they need too look both ways, twice at least," says Ken Long, Range Master with DPD.

"The problem is, is a lot of people really don't pay close attention to the motorcycle riders. Motorcycles are small, which means there is a bigger blind spot, on those issues, so you gotta be really aware of the surroundings of these motorcycle riders,” says Cpt. Antonio Gonzalez.

Because motorcycles are small, when involved in crashes the chances of fatalities is greater.

"The odds of a motorcycle rider surviving, an impact from a vehicle that's going from a start, is real low, there's no side protection, no front protection, there's no air bag on this motorcycle the only thing he has to protect himself from the impact is his helmet," says Cpt. Antonio Gonzalez.

So over all law enforcement agencies warn to remember and obey all traffic laws, and be more aware of your blind spots.

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