Washington Street Shooting Victim Update

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Doctors say Keyuma Carpenter is doing much better.
But his family is still asking for the public to keep him in their prayers.

After May 23rd, the 300 block of East Washington Street will never be the same,
Two were people shot and four men were suspects.

"There was a shooting on Washington Street and some people got hurt real bad so she specifically told me about Keyuma and shortly after that his sister contacted me on Facebook and told me they were praying for Keyuma at the Cultural Arts Center," said Pastor Ron Martin of Kingdom Central Church.

Pastor Martin along with family and friends are praying for Carpenter's speedy recovery.
It's a gesture the family is making its first priority.

"We are not as much concerned from what I've seen from the family about the capture of the people who shot him right now the family's first priority is Keyuma and see him restored back to a full place of health so that really captivates our prayers our prayers are solely concerned with him getting up out of that bed and being that Keyuma that everyone knew and loved before," said Pastor Martin.

Pastor Martin has seen a difference since he first visited him in the hospital.

"My assistant and I have been visiting Keyuma since he has been in the hospital and every time we go in there he makes tremendous progress the first time we went and saw him he was still hooked up to everything and it could have been a sad sight if you didn't have faith and we watched him be transformed from the CCU and now he is actually in a room opening his eyes, he is looking at us and every now and then he will raise his hands a little bit and he'll smile and we are seeing major progress in Keyuma and we are really excited about it," said Pastor Martin.

Excited and hoping to bring Carpenter home.

The family is also asking for donations to help cover some of his medical costs.
You can make a donation at Wells Fargo to the Keyuma Carpenter Recovery Fund.

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