Washington County Receives 9.2 Million From Florida State Legislature

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Good news for Florida as the legislature releases how much money each county will get. One panhandle county is beyond thrilled.

It was a gift that interim Washington County Interim Clerk of County Harold Bazzel never expected.

"Honestly when we started down this road I was doubtful that we would be able to get that kind of funding from the state," said Bazzel.

Bazzel says that Florida Governor Rick Scott realized the real needs for Washington County. Currently crammed in an annex building, courthouse workers had to immediately desert the old building for their own safety due to a deadly toxins.

"It was a lot worse than anybody ever thought," said Bazzel.

After an Air quality study back in December reports show that there were 12 types of mold in the old Washington County Courthouse and out of those 12, five molds were deemed serious causing many health hazards.

"That's how the whole process started and that's when we decided to put together a plan to go to the legislature to see if we could get funding," said Bazzel.

Now that plan has allowed the county to receive a whopping 9.2 million dollars.

"It was almost like the stars had lined up, I think everybody is excited and ready to move forward and get this done," said Bazzel.

The old Washington County courthouse was 87 years old. County officials plan to hold bids for an architect next month.

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