Walton County Roads Update

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The Walton County Sheriff’s Office has provided the following updates about county roads affected by recent weather conditions.

South Walton damaged roads, Deputy Confirmed.

1.) Sea Croft Dr is now passable with a car. Deputy advised there is only 1-2 inches of water on the east end.
2.) Walton Magnolia Lane is still closed. Signs have been placed. Still under water and receding.

North Walton damaged roads, Deputy confirmed.

1.) River Rd at McCaskill Road water is across the road right after the first bridge and not passable after that point.
2.) Cedar Log Lake Road is passable with some standing water in parking area but boat ramp is being used.
3.) Berrian Lake Road has a large washout and impassable to the end.
4.) Cook Rd is closed from Oakgrove Rd to Ellison Rd about a ½ mile section. Not a sink hole, water has just cut the road into and impassable to larger trucks.
5.) 800 Co. Highway 183B at cemetery- westbound side of road is undermined and an approximate 2 foot sink hole on center line and 2 on the shoulder and continue to get larger each day. The east bound lane is undermined as well and concrete barracades need to be placed to prevent people from moving them to avoid it falling through.
6.) Road Department – W.C. Currington Rd. is closed 1 mile from white creek Rd. and Moccasin Fork. It is marked with cones directing vehicles to turn around.

Freeport damaged roads, Deputy confirmed.

1.) Big Cedar Rd is still closed and water is under bridge on Big Cedar at this time. The parking lot and boat ramp are still underwater. Some of the roadway around bridge has been washed out.
2.) Cowford Rd- the very end of the roadway is still underwater passable for 2.0 miles.
3.) Rooks Bluff Rd boat ramp is still flooded.
4.) Dead River Rd – requested notify Road Department of a big washout and impassable. Per Road Department – they placed cones out until the water dries up some and then they can repair the area.
5.) Choctawhatchee River Rd – requested to notify the county of road washed out and culvert exposed. Both vehicles are parked on the road just prior to the culverts that are washed out and will have to move for the road department to get by. The road department responded and is aware and will have fill in dirt delivered tomorrow.
6.) Joe Dugger Rd. has another washout near the sand pit. The county maintained part is passable and the part that connects to J.W. Hollington Rd. is impassable.

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